Add Elegance to Your Space with Bifold Doors

Owing to the flexibility and convenience they provide, bifold doors are now a common feature in house extensions and other home improvement projects. These types of doors fold inwards or outwards to allow access to the space behind, and they can be for both indoor and outdoor spaces. You need to look for a business that deals with aluminium bifold doors and strives to offer customers this sort of door systems in a range of colours and finishes.

What to Look For In Aluminium Bifold Doors

Bifolding door system
bi-fold doors on the white background

When searching for a bifold door, the price is one of the major things any shopper will consider. Nevertheless, if you aim to get the perfect doors for your home, you shouldn’t look at cost alone. You should consider the door’s thermal performance, the security it will provide, and whether it is top hung or bottom rolling as well. The bottom rolling alternatives are more popular though as they are both sturdier and cost effective. However, to avoid disappointment at a later time, you should take the time to think about which option to choose.

Benefits of Aluminium Bifold Doors

One of the biggest benefits of installing bifold doors is that they are both flexible and easy to operate. Depending on the amount of space you need, you can either open them fully or partially after they have been fixed. Other than using these doors as room dividers, you can have them installed on kitchen pass-throughs, walk-in closets, or even on a pergola. If you have a laundry area that is on view from the outside, you can well use this type of door to conceal the place and keep everyone from seeing the mess inside.

Even so, to get the most benefit from bifold doors, you need to know where to install them. When bifold doors, fitted in the right place, you can be sure to enhance the ascetics and functionality of the room.

Considering the gains you are set to experience from using a bifold door, it is important to get the merchandise from a reputable supplier, so quality is guaranteed. Dutemann UK supplies durable bifold doors in various styles and finishes. Hence, it doesn’t matter if your home is colonial, modern, vintage, or eclectic-themed. Regardless of your preferences, Dutemann Aluminium bifold doors present you with a door that will carry the style.

6 Great living Room Ideas For Small Living Rooms

It is quite common for small living rooms to look disorganized, and cramped due to limited space. The good news is that you can still end up having that ultimate living room that everyone out there looks forward to having.

All you need is a couple of living room ideas for small rooms. But if you don’t have any ideas or you only know a few of them, here are six great living room ideas for small living rooms that will help you make the most of your living room.

1. Go for small-size furniture

Bulky armchairs and full-size sofas can occupy a lot of your limited space. As such, it makes pretty of sense to choose small-size furniture over full –size furniture so as to save space. Antique shops are by far the best place to search for small-size furniture. Thanks to the fact that the average size of a living room during the last century was quite small compared to today’s modern living room. You should also look for love seats, chairs and small settees that can work well for your limited space.

2. Choose space-saving style

Retro Furniture has long legs, and it is normally compact in shape, hence making it a great choice for you if you have a small living room. Mini units and neat sofas don’t only work well together, but they also look functional and trendy as well.

3. Decorate your living room using same shades

The Use of Light colours can make your small living room feel larger instead of dark colours. As such, it is imperative to stick to reflective surfaces and simple patterns so that the eye can travel easily around your limited living space.

4. Settle for simple window treatments

Plain curtains create the illusion of space while fussy curtains can make your small living room look crowded. Good window blinds and light-weight curtains work well for a small living room, thanks to the fact that they don’t overwhelm the windows.

5. Add hidden storage

Choose furniture with built-in storage in order to limit the clutter. Along the perimeter of your room, you can try a small credenza or small chest drawers rather than a console table in order to create additional storage space.

6. Use wallpaper and mirrors

A small living room can feel somewhat boxed in, especially if it has few windows. You can, however, boost light, create a focal point and add depth by papering the walls and using mirrors. If possible, position a mirror across a window in order to reflect the light from outside hence giving the impression of an additional window.

You will have that ultimate living room that you are looking forward to With these six great living rooms ideas for small living rooms.

Small Kitchen Ideas for Expert Kitchen DIY’ers

Cooking homemade foodThe kitchen, considered to be the heart of every home and happens to be the most used room in the house. Just because it matters a lot, however, doesn’t mean that it will be huge. Depending on which city you live in or the age of your home, you may have to deal with unusually small spaces and will need a few small kitchen ideas to cope. After all, with a small kitchen, where does everything go?

Kitchen DIY – Ceilings and Walls Count

Wall space can be maximised by adding shelves near the ceiling. These do not interfere with busy bodies in the kitchen and yet make great storage space for gadgets you hardly use. A Julia Child peg board is another great kitchen DIY addition. You can style this with utensils, colanders and pans for easy, quick access.

Small Kitchen Ideas – Countertops are Kitchen Real Estate

Ultimately, no matter how stylish and cosy your kitchen looks, they need to be efficient enough for cooking. Not every kitchen is created equal when it comes to countertops. There are tiny kitchens that have just one area for food preparation while others surprisingly have ample counter space. Think how to use wisely counter space since these are so valuable. Add a magnet strip for knives on a wall rather than a knife block. Add usable space by using an over-the-sink chopping board. Extend the work area by adding a table to an adjoining room, if you have one.

Kitchen Cabinets-Think Outside the Box

You may already think of filling your kitchen cabinets to maximum capacity, but you may have forgotten about the door spaces. Many people overlook the interior cabinet doors of kitchens. Kitchen DIY experts can attach hooks to hold utensils, measuring spoons and cups. Bins above the doors are an excellent option for under the sink cabinets. Galley kitchens tend to do very well with open shelving, and this might work for you as well. Open shelves give the illusion of a bigger room and create visual interest.

Revealed: 5 Home Improvement DIY Ideas For Spring Time

Shrinking snow banks and daylight savings time are sure signs that spring is upon us. However, less snow inevitably means more visible signs of the havoc wrecked on your home during the winter. It is thus advisable to spruce up your home and yard in order to better enjoy the sunnier, warmer months ahead, and here are a few simple home improvement DIY ideas to get you started as follows:

Inside the house

1. Update your bathrooms or kitchen

A messy kitchenUpdating your bathroom or kitchen is one of the easiest ways of not only adding value to your home, but also creating a space that you can enjoy for years to come. Even if you do not have the finances for a major remodel, there are simple ways to update, especially in the kitchen. For instance, updated lighting, new hardware, or new wall colors are relatively simple fixes, and you could even replace your countertop with an existing one or add a pre-made kitchen island to create more space.

2. Clean carpets and rugs

Clean rugs and carpets last longer. You may choose to rent a rug-shampooing machine (which includes purchasing the cleaning solution as well as getting and returning the equipment) or hire a professional to get the job done.

Outside the house

3. Check for gutter and roof damage

Inspect your roof to check whether there is any debris left from winter storms. Also, ensure that skylights and vents are not damaged while ascertaining that the chimney cap is not loose. While up top, check the gutters and clear any twigs, leaves, and other debris that can block water flow and use a garden hose to clear any remaining dirt. As a home improvement measure, you could install a gutter debris shield that allows water in while keeping the debris out.

In the yard

4. Clear any debris

If you did not find time to rake leaves in the fall, now is the ideal time. Clearing your garden and yard and raking beds of old vines, leaves, and other debris should help you prepare for compost and mulch. Old plants and leaves can harbor disease and smother the rest of your yard.

5. Add mulch and compostGarden Flower

Having removed yard debris, add vital nutrients to your lawn and garden by applying a compost layer before adding a layer of mulch to prevent weed growth, seal in moisture, and protect against erosion. Doing this should also leave your trees and gardens with a landscaped appearance.